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Our Mission

To create a community that provides support and information to Biological and Environmental Engineering students. We strive to build an environment where students can explore the wide range of career paths and opportunities in their field and the steps that they can take to pursue them. We will create interactive and entertaining ways to investigate the BEE major that will excite students. 

How we do it

To form a cohesive network, HIVE hosts events where one can better get to know people within the major and meet practicing Biological and Environmental Engineers who were in their position a few years ago. Together we form a strong and united network of future and current professionals who will change the world.

The Mentorship Program

A buddy system between upperclassmen and an underclassman BEE. Mentors help underclassmen navigate classes and act a resource of answers and advice for their mentees.

Weekly pairings between individual members of Hive, promoting personal connections between students and a more cohesive community.

Coffee Chats
Career Prep

By hosting workshops to prepare members for internship, co-op, and job opportunities we provide resources necessary to equip our members with the best chance to succeed in the professional field.

Whether it be Cornell alumni or corporate heads from labs and engineering companies, Hive seeks to create enriching programs for our members. These strive to engender each member with the knowledge of and connections in the real world of Biological and Environmental Engineering necessary to succeed in the field.

Professional Panels
Social Nights

Movie nights and game nights with an added Biological or Environmental Engineering twist! Encouraging connections and shared experiences between members. 

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